University Printing

We provide a wide variety of services to Northern Kentucky University's faculty and staff - timely and cost-effective. Services include printing publications, reproducing copies, UPS, mailing services and distribution.

We strive to provide customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs. We continuously refine our products and skills to meet those needs.

Digital Solutions through Copy Center:

Copying services range from reproducing black and white single-sided requests to spiral bound books and carbonless forms. Exams, confidential material or urgent requests can be printed while you wait. Call 5270 to make an appointment.

Quantity is typically the determining factor in digital vs offset printing. Smaller quantities are best sent to the copy center. Other factors include deadline, size, color, etc. We can help you determine what's best − and most cost-effective − for your print project.  

For more information please contact:

JoAnn Fincken
(859) 572-5269

Offset Printing:

  • Offset printing is the most economical solution for printing larger quantities, and specialty items such as presentation folders. Our offset printing team is committed to continually improving our services.
  • We can provide a wide variety of printed publications - brochures, books, newsletters - whether black and gold or full color.